Institute for Science
and Mathematics

Computer Camps, Summer 2017
June 12-16 and June 19-23

Where Computer Science and Creativity Meet!

These five-day computer camps meet 10:00 to 2:30 Monday through Friday

Students will have opportunities to complete one or more of the computer science projects listed below.
Please contact the Workshop for questions   The cost for this workshop is $335 + materials (as applicable).

Create a 3-d Object


Design and print a 3-d project for rapid prototyping or solving a need around the house. (materials fee applies)  

Invent a Lego-Bot


Use the NXT robot creation system to build cool autonomous robots that can sense and respond to stimuli in their environment, complete missions and achieve objectives. 

Build a bot from scratch


Use parts and re-purposed materials to make a bot car to learn gearing, PWM speed control, and basic sense-and-respond circuits (materials fee applies).

Build and test circuits


Learn to read wiring schematics, and develop a better understanding for basic electronics and integrated circuits. Advanced users may also enjoy learning how to program and operate arduion microcontrollers (materials fee applies).
Program a 2D Game


Learn object-oriented programming with a user-friendly programming language to build a RPG, platformer or side scrolling game.  You design the characters and environments then program the objects to interact.
Program a 3D Story or Game


Learn object-oriented programming with a user-friendly interface to control 3D characters in a world you create.  This is a great introduction to programming, and the end product can become a stand-alone animation or game.
Build a Web Page


Learn HTML Tag by coding and syling a web page.  Add headings, paragraphs, images, colors and links to other pages. Create style sheets using CSS. Use Java Script, audio/video and other elements to make your web site interactive. Use PHP to embed dynamic and interactive features directly into the HTML code on your web site.  Your web site will remain on the world wide web as long as you like, and you will have administrative access to add/modify content after camp ends.

Create 2D Digital Art


Design and create awesome images with digital graphics editors Gimp and InkScape. Combine photos, and your custom artwork to make truly uniqe creations.  Learn cool tricks like making a stereo vision picture using reg/cyan analglyph techniqe.  Make animated gifs, and learn lots of filtering and transform techniques.

Design 3D Digital Art


Design, model and animate your own 3D environment with Blender. Create objects and text. Make realistic scenes with textures, transparency and mesh objects. Develop cool effects using volume lights.

Produce a Movie or Animation


Shoot your video, or stop-motion clips, and put them together with transitions and special effects.  Learn how to use a green screen to place your character in exciting scenes.  Plus many other special effects.

Compose Digital Music


Compose, edit and record music with Audacity, LMMS and Psyche.  These programs allow you to make your own rhythms, and record tracks and combine them into cool songs.

Learn Computer Hardware


Build the "visible computer" learn peripheral names, and functions and how to install operating system on a computer.  Diagnose and troubleshoot common system problems. Plan your dream computer online.