Hands-on approach to learning the scientific method!

These very active day camps offer a mixture of group explorations, games and independent studies. Campers experience a different step in the process each day, with hands-on projects in biology, physics, chemistry, computers and robotics plus many opportunities to incorporate scientific principles into creative hands-on innovations of their own design.


Marvel at the details of the microscopic world. Our microscopes are equipped with digital cameras that can to make a digital scrapbook of microscopy.

Dissect items from the transfer station. Examine their complexity, and learn how different parts work together.

See how the energy in sound travels in waves, and find out how pitch and volume affect sound waves.

How do you think rotifers eat?

What is the most stable structure for withstanding an earthquake?

Find out how counterweight and sling length affect the trajectory of a projectile.

Test the "5-second rule" regarding food dropped on the floor.

Determining the best robot for a given task.

Learn how to balance power and steering to control a boat.

Invent a coaster car.

Build a Rube Goldberg contraption.

Construct a recumbent trike.